Wagner Power Sprayer

Wagner SprayTech Power Sprayers are a great range of  handheld high-pressure electric airless spray guns at very affordable prices. These airless spray guns are a completely handheld self-contained spray painting package. They only require a standard household electricity outlet and paint is drawn from a easily refillable cup underneath the spray gun.

Power sprayers are a great option for small and medium repaint and renovation work around the home where broad areas need to be painted quickly. A few of the common areas airless powers sprayers are used for spraying include outdoor fences, outside walls such as weatherboards, outdoor sheds and gazebos, garage doors, internal doors and internal ceilings and walls around the home.

Wagner airless Powers Sprayers should never be used for spraying tanning oil and the likes as the pressure from these spray guns is too high and they should never be directed towards any part of the body.

The smallest airless spray gun in the range is the Wagner W95 Fence Sprayer which is ideal for spraying outdoor timber fences for example with light bodied material such as stains and lacquers.

The next model in the Power Sprayer range is the Wagner W140P Power Sprayer and this model is an ideal entry level acrylic paint sprayer.

The Wagner W180P Power Sprayer features a more powerful motor and is capable of higher output and the W180P Power Sprayer Set is complete kit which includes a needle jet nozzle for washing items down under high pressure, a flexible nozzle spraying horizontal surfaces and a spare 0.6 millimetre nozzle and spare swirl valve.

The largest handheld airless spray gun in the Wagner Power Sprayer airless range is the W450SE Power Sprayer and this airless spray gun model features adjustable electronic control output so paint flow can be adjusted down for small jobs and increased for covering large areas quickly. The pump piston and cylinder in the W450SE Power Sprayer is tungsten carbide for long life.

Wagner 450SE Airless Power Sprayer

Wagner 450SE Airless Power Sprayer