Select Airless Paint Sprayer

Selecting a new airless paint sprayer may initially appear complicated due to the wide range of performance and price options available between different airless paint spray machines. To start with, there are a few fundamental questions that must be asked to determine which airless paint sprayer will be the minimum performing model that will perform your spray painting work adequately.

The first question that must be answered to select airless paint sprayer is what types of paint, fluids or liquids the airless paint sprayer is required to spray. Start by listing each paint or product and then check to see if the paint manufacturer recommends an airless spray tip size for that paint.

Check each potential paint or coating manufacturer product data sheet for this information and list the maximum recommended airless spray tip size beside each product that was listed previously. If a paint manufacturer does not specify an airless spray tip size referred to an airless spray tip manufacturer tip size guide to obtain an indication of what airless spray tip sizes will be required for the paints or coatings you wish to spray.

When the list is complete determine which is the largest airless spray tip that has been listed. This largest airless spray tip will determine the minimum airless paint sprayer performance level that will be required.

For example let's assume that all paints that are planned to be sprayed our architectural water-based paints and a maximum recommended airless spray tip size was a 0.19 of an inch. This will indicate that the minimum airless paint sprayer performance capability should be at least 0.19 of an inch airless spray tip capable.

Beware of selecting a 0.19 of an inch maximum capability airless paint sprayer though if you do require an airless sprayer that can handle 0.19 of an inch airless spray tips. This is because as paint is sprayed through the airless spray tip it will wear to a larger size and if the airless paint sprayer is already operating at maximum flow capability then its ability to maintain adequate atomisation pressure will be diminished. As with most things in this world bigger is often better and theoretically if you purchased an airless paint sprayer capable of handling an airless spray tip size double the size you plan to use then the airless paint spray machine should be operating at 50 percent of maximum capability which in turn should extend operating life of the airless paint spray machine.

Selecting Correct Airless Spray Unit

Large Airless Paint Sprayer