Airless Spray Safety

Airless spray safety is important and should always be followed correctly. High pressure coating stream produced by airless spray equipment can easily cut your skin as well as underlying flesh, resulting in severe personal injury and even potential limb amputation.

You should never handle any high pressure fluid injection injuries as being a common laceration because an airless spray injection can ultimately result in amputation. See a doctor immediately.

Under no circumstances point an airless spray gun at any part of the human body and never aim the airless spray gun at, or spray towards any person or animal. Never permit any part of the body to touch the actual fluid stream from an airless spray gun. Never allow your body to touch any leak in the airless paint hose. Never place your hand in front of and airless spray gun.

Work gloves will not provide protection against an injection injury from an airless paint sprayer. At all times lock the actual gun trigger, turn your airless pump motor off, and also relieve all pressure in advance of maintenance, cleaning up the airless spray tip or guard, changing the airless tip, or leaving any type of airless spray equipment unattended.

Pressure will not be released simply by switching off the airless sprayer motor. The prime spray knob must be turned to prime to relieve the pressure. If fitted, ball valves must be opened fully to relive all airless sprayer pressure. Refer to the actual Pressure release process explained in the airless spray machine operation directions.

Always keep the airless spray tip guard in place when spraying. The tip guard delivers some safeguard but is mainly a warning device so still exercise extreme care even with the airless spray tip guard in place. Always remove the airless spray tip prior to flushing as well as cleaning the machine. Airless paint hose can develop leakages through wear and tear, kinking and also mistreatment.

Any leak in an airless spray hose can easily inject fluid or paint into the skin. Examine your airless spray hose prior to every use. Do not use the airless spray hose in order to pick up or maybe move airless units by dragging. Never work with an airless spray gun without a functioning trigger locking mechanism and also airless spray gun trigger shield in place.

All airless spray unit components must be rated at or above the actual airless pump highest pressure. This includes airless spray tips, airless spray guns, airless spray extensions, and airless paint hose hose.

Correct Airless Spray Safety

Any airless paint spray can cause serious injury