Airless Spray Hose

Most people are not aware that airless paint spray hose performs another important function apart from transporting pressurised paint from the airless pump to the airless spray gun. All airless spray pumps, be they piston pump design or diaphragm type airless paint pumps will introduce pulsing into the stream of paint. If this pulsing is not treated and smoothed out by the time it reaches the airless spray gun it can become evident in the spray pattern.

Airless pump pulsing in a diaphragm pump is usually indicated by a sawtooth effect at the edges of the spray paint fan pattern. This is a result of the typically fast pulsations caused by the high speed movement of the airless pumps diaphragm. On the other hand pulsing in the stream of paint when using a piston airless pump can show up as very widely spread waves in the spray paint fan pattern which is a result of the much slower and longer stroking action of a piston airless paint pump.

Both of these effects will be more likely to manifest in an airless spray painting system using a very short airless paint spray hose. Most airless paint spray hose will stretch and increase internal capacity under pressure.

Pulsing from an airless paint pump often increases the pressure and a good quality airless paint spray hose of adequate links will usually expand and contract to absorb these pulsations in the spray paint fan pattern. You will find typically that most piston airless paint spray pumps especially those using electronic pressure sensing devices to switch on and off electric motors or electronic clutches will be fitted with a textile braided airless paint spray hose as opposed to a wire braided airless paint spray hose.

The textile braided hose offers better expansion capabilities to smooth out pressure spikes from the piston airless paint pump which allows the pumps pressure sensor to operate more efficiently and reduces pulsing at the airless spray gun.

High Pressure Airless Spray Gun And Paint Hose