Airless Spray Gun ALG7 Series Anest Iwata

Anest Iwata ALG7 collection of airless spray guns consist of a number of product choices including a specific water based model and a 2 finger spray gun trigger style. They are available for immediate order on this site with or without reversible spray tip bodies, however all spray guns do not include an actual airless spray tip which should be purchased independently.

Anest Iwata ALG7WB airless spray gun is really a top quality airless spray gun for use with all paints and especially suitable for work with using waterbourne paints and features an exceptionally light-weight trigger force needing just a couple of kilos force to spray. All these airless spray guns have a high safety margin with an specific burst open stress currently being greater than 4 times the actual operating pressure of two hundred and fifty bar and also 3625 pounds per square inch.

Waterbourne airless spray painting gun

Airless Spray Gun ALG7 Series Anest Iwata.

An additional attribute of the Anest Iwata ALG7 airless spray gun is easy servicing where by simply no unique equipment is required to take apart and also reassemble the airless spray gun plus the needle vale set is a entire assembly. Anest Iwata ALG7 airless gun range accepts airless spray tip holders with an 11/16 inch UNF thread and airless spray hose with 1/4 inch NPS airless spray hose fittings.

Spray Paint Equipment have Anest Iwata, Wagner and Binks Airless Spray Guns available for purchase online.