Airless Spray Cleanup

Follow these simple generic steps to quickly airless spray cleanup after painting. Always refer to the airless spray machine manufacturer operation manual to ensure no additional airless spray clean up steps are required.

  1. Turn the airless spray machine off.
  2. Adjust any pressure control device to the minimum pressure setting.
  3. Slowly open the relief bypass valve to fully open position.
  4. Remove the airless spray tip from the airless spray gun.
  5. Remove the airless sprayer suction set from paint and place in container of solvent, use as little solvent as possible to prime the airless pump.
  6. With bypass valve open turn the airless sprayer back on and allow to cycle adding solvent if required to maintain prime. Increase pressure control only enough to start the pump cycling.
  7. Ensure bypass valve is still open and while holding the spray gun against a grounded container open the trigger. Material should begin to flow slowly from the airless spray gun. This material can be reclaimed into the original container if required. Ensure adequate solvent is available to the pump to maintain prime.
  8. If required the bypass valve may need to be closed to force viscous materials from the airless spray hose.
  9. If the airless spray gun trigger is released at any time always relieve the pressure in the airless spray unit by opening the bypass valve before triggering the airless spray gun again.
  10. Wash the external of the airless suction set with solvent and continue flushing clean solvent into the pump and out through the spray gun until clear.
  11. Once clear turn the airless pump off, release all pressure and fit the airless spray tip to the spray gun then restart the airless and at low pressure spray solvent through the airless tip to clean.
  12. Turn the airless spray machine off again and ensure all pressure is released by first opening the bypass valve and then triggering the airless spray gun open.
  13. Remove any in-line filters from the airless spray gun and the airless pump and clean thoroughly in the appropriate solvent and then reassemble.
  14. Clean the external of the airless spray gun, hose and pump with a cloth dampened with an appropriate solvent.
  15. Refill the entire airless spray system including the hose and airless gun with a solution that will inhibit corrosion and stop any residual paint that may remain in crevices inside the airless system from drying.

Cleaned Airless Spray Gun

Clean Binks 66:1 Airless